There has been a consistent increase in the cost of visiting a doctor since 2003. We are exploring the rising cost of doctor’s office visits over the years. This includes the copay cost as well as the doctor visit cost and doctor visit cost without insurance.

From 2003 to 2016, the price of doctors office visit rose tremendously from $60 to $101. Since 2016, the price has since risen to between $150 and $350, and this is depending on the scope or variation of the service rendered and also the level of seriousness or complexity of the medical decision taken.

The copay policy varies and can increase for the preferred provider option and health maintenance organizations policies if they acquire treatment from medical practices which are not included in their policies provider.                   

Some go to the hospital for treatment and are charged massive fees that aren’t covered by insurance. A doctor’s visit can include a significant fee.

A doctor’s visit without insurance may be a hard pill to swallow in the sense that it can be double, triple or even ten times the amount of a copay.

But the real cost of a doctor’s visit will be dependent on the seriousness of your condition, where you were cared for (Your house or clinic) and the necessary tests which were carried out on the person in question.

There are now other more affordable options including telemedicine. You can find out more about telemedicine, but it allows you to video chat with a doctor from your phone. It can be a lot less expensive, especially for those without insurance.

Contact your doctor about their telemedicine options or download a free app today.